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Custom order

In cooperation with the designer, we tailor a personal and unique product corresponding to your vision and choose the best possible materials.
Custom order

We design custom made

Sewing a fur vest coat - from 300 €

Sewing a fur jacket - from 500 €

Sewing of a half coat - from 600 €

Sewing a long coat - from 700 €


We adapt, repair and redesign your existing coats and leather garments.

Repairing - 15 € / 1 hour


We sell carefully selected furs and sheepskins that are a by-product of the food industry (rabbit, sheep) or come from nature (red fox, raccoon, beaver).

We offer a wide range of colors of merino sheepskins, treated in tanneries in Italy using ecofriendly tanning and dyeing technologies.

Write us: info[@]furlin.ee

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