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Furlin – Estonian clothing brand created for a conscious Nordic person who appreciates natural materials as well as timeless and long-lasting design. We care about the environment, and thus, we have chosen the path of sustainable clothing brand and offer our clients an alternative solution to fur.

Our selection focuses primarily on sheepskin coats, waistcoats and accessories, raw materials for which are mostly obtained from the wild.

We follow Scandinavian minimalist and timeless design that fits perfectly to the Nordic living environment.

Furlin honours crafting skills passed down from generation to generation, which was main means of subsistence for our ancestors, but there are only a few people who have mastered those skills today.


Evelin Pranno

Evelin Pranno, a designer and a furrier at Furlin, found inspiration for creating the brand from her childhood.

After spending summers in her grandfather’s farm, Evelin learned to appreciate and respect animals and nature.

Therefore, she has great respect for leather as a work of art.

Evelin developed major interest in sewing and fashion already at an early age. One factor in shaping her path was certainly the fact that handicraft has been loved and honoured in their family for generations and it has also been a main source of livelihood. As a natural continuation, Evelin chose to study fashion and in 2017 she created her own clothing brand, Furlin.

Evelin has more than 10 years of experience in working with furs, she has frequently represented Estonia in fur design contests, e.g. in Milan, Italy.

Natural materials


For us, it is crucial that the skins used for creating our works comes from animals raised in good living conditions. Thus, we purchase from the European regions with high animal welfare standards. Our selection includes high-quality merino sheepskin, originating from Spain and treated in tanneries of Italy. We also offer luxuriously silky furs of Rex-breed rabbits supplied by Estonian small farmers, who produce rabbit meat for restaurants and stores. Furthermore, we cooperate with the Estonian Hunters’ Society and hunters, who provide us with various wild game hides. Regulation of the abundance of wildlife in our forests is crucial in order to preserve biodiversity.

In environmental terms, a coat made of natural fur is one of the most ecological items of clothing.

Unlike many other materials, the manufacture of natural fur does not require very many resources and it is a biodegradable product. When prepared properly, the real fur coat last for a long time and can be passed down to the next generations. Moreover, a coat can be repaired, redesigned or composted when it comes to the end of its life. Therefore, we can say that, in environmental terms, the ecological footprint of a coat made of natural material is close to zero compared to a coat made of artificial materials.

Another important factor consists in the tanning technique. Furlin uses only hides tanned by using innovative technologies. This means that the tanning process does not involve using toxic metal compounds.

A coat made of natural leather – hand-crafted, long-lasting, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable.


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